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Springfield, Chatham, and Sherman in Illinois

About Platinum Lawn Care and Landscaping

Hi, I'm Chris Paslay, owner of Platinum Lawn Care and Landscaping, based in Springfield, Illinois.

Platinum is different

Is your lawn soft enough for a baby's bare feet? Call Platinum Lawn and Landscape at 217-381-5015.

I'm way different than most lawn companies in our area. I do have a passion for doing it correctly and doing it well.

I'm not just a guy who bought a mower and decided to mow grass and pocket the cash. I'm not just a guy in a big spray truck that has no clue about how to take care of grass, but has been "trained" to spray a lawn. There are mowing companies and there are weed control and fertilizer companies, and each just solves half the problem and then blame the other for the rest of the problems!

Call Platinum Lawn and Landscape at 217-381-5015 - get your kids playing outside again!

I take care of it all

I take care of it all, properly, so there aren't any problems. You get a great lawn and landscape with none of the hard work.

Take a look at some of our lawn renovation and landscape maintenance success story photos…

Lawn Care and Landscaping Services

Let Platinum Lawn and Landscape make your lawn sitting soft! Call 217-381-5015.

While we specialize in lawn renovations, we also offer additional services including shrub trimming, mulch installation, and general installation services.

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Lawn Care and Landscaping Photos

Is there a wedding in your lawn's future? Better call Platinum Lawn and Landscape at 217-381-5015!

We're proud of our work and love to show it off so you can see what your lawn could look like, too!

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